Take part


Choose the first sentence from any publication that could reasonably be expected to be within the library (since we can’t currently visit in person) – it can be fiction, non-fiction, academic, whatever.

Skip the preliminaries, intro, credits, foreword, table of contents, quotes etc… and get straight to the content.


Take a photo of that bit of text and another photo of the cover showing the title and author.


If you’d like to be included in the audio artwork, record yourself reading the sentence – your phone’s voice recorder will be fine.


  • choose a room that is carpeted (this creates a warmer sound quality) and away from background sounds like traffic or chatter
  • rest your phone on something soft (e.g. a pillow), don’t hold it in your hand
  • leave a short silent gap at the start and at the end of your recording (this makes it easier to edit)
  • listen back to your recording to check it’s ok before sending

Here is an example:


Send the recording and the photos by email to the artists at contact[at]mikeabrahamsartist[dot]com and/or dearfrankie[at]gmail[dot]com.

All contributors are anonymous and the photos you send are for reference only (so no great skills needed) but the recordings will be used in the audio artwork.

We hope you will take part and please share this with your friends, neighbours and family.